Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

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Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Pre-planning a funeral ensures that you will have the funeral service that you want in line with your wishes and instructions.

Pre-paid funerals are funerals that have been pre-planned and paid for in advance ensuring that in addition to you having the funeral service that you wanted, your family are not left with any financial worries or burdens.

Why Plan In Advance

You may have specific wishes for how your funeral service should be arranged, or you may not know the full range of options that exist for you. We will discuss your wishes and the options that you have. We won’t try to sell you what you don’t need and we wont try to talk you out of what you want.

  • We will work with you, in a relaxed, professional environment, to ensure that you plan for the service that you want.
  • You meet us, enabling you to judge for yourself our excellent levels of personal service and professionalism, confirming to yourself that you would entrust us to conduct your funeral to the standard that you expect.
  • We discuss the aspects of your funeral that reflect the individuality of your life. We will work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you wish for.
  • You are the only one who knows exactly what your wishes are and we know that even if family are told about a persons wishes frequently when it is time to put the arrangements into place people’s emotions cloud their judgment or memories of what their loved one wanted. By pre-planning your wishes are documented to avoid confusion or omission.
  • By pre-planning your funeral you know what the cost of the funeral would be at today’s prices.

Why Pre-Pay For Your Funeral

Once we have established the cost of your funeral service, we have a range of payment options that should you choose to take, will save you and your family probably hundreds of pounds in the future.

If you have a loved one who is going into residential care, pre-paying for their funeral will ensure that when the need arises, they will have the funeral that you and they want.

Benefits Of A Pre-Payment plan with D.J. Protheroe & Sons:

  • You meet the people who will conduct the funeral when the need arises, in whom your family is placing high levels of trust and confidence.
  • You pre-purchase the funeral at today’s prices, avoiding the future price increases, and eliminating or reducing the future financial burden on the family.
  • Decisions that need to be taken can be made in a relaxed environment, reducing the stress upon the family in the future.

The Golden Charter Trust, a legally separate trust administering the funds, ensuring that your money is safe and that it is not used on expensive advertising campaigns holds the money paid in trust.

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